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Active fund managers often talk about how they assess companies for ‘quality’ before they invest. In professional investment circles, this is a commonly used term that could almost qualify as industry jargon. But for the average Australian investor, you’d have to question how well the term ‘quality’ is really understood. It matters, because that simple term defines part of the holy grail many fundamental fund managers are trying to find and measure.

Get that quality call right and the prospects for long term outperformance for investors are greatly increased.

But what is quality and how does a fund manager go about looking for it?

Rob Tucker, Managing Director of Chester Asset Management (distributed by Copia) has penned an article explaining his team’s quest for quality – in simple terms that advisers can use with clients. And being true to label, Rob’s article concludes with his list of the highest quality companies listed on the ASX.

Now that’s what we call high conviction.

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