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Winner: Money magazine's Best of the Best | Best Australian Shares Fund 2023

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Chester Asset Management are honoured to announce that the Chester High Conviction Fund has won Money magazine's Best Australian Shares Fund 2023 at this year's Best of the Best Awards.

We were delighted to attend the lunch in Sydney alongside representatives from Copia Investment Partners.

How the winner is chosen:

"Rainmaker, publisher of Money, has been reviewing superannuation, managed funds and their investment managers for more than 20 years. To conduct the banking products assessments Rainmaker and Money teamed up with InfoChoice, one of Australia's leading financial product comparison websites.

When choosing which managed funds or exchange traded products (ETP) to invest with, investors are looking not just for funds that scored the highest investment returns but also managed their investment risks.

This includes an assessment of which managed funds most protect your capital."

More information:


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