Chester Asset Management

Product overview

Chester High Conviction Fund

Label Description
Investment Universe ASX listed or soon to be listed companies with a focus on the largest 300 by market capitalisation plus select Asian listed companies with an Asian domestic consumption focus. This increases the investment universe by 40-50 investable stocks
Inception Date April 2017
Benchmark Index S&P/ ASX 300 Accumulation Index
Target Outperformance 5% p.a. (gross of fees)
Management Expense Ratio 0.95% (including GST net of RITC)
Performance Fee 15% (including GST net of RITC) of the amount the fund outperforms its benchmark provided specific conditions are met
Performance Hurdle S&P/ ASX 300 Accumulation Index
Number of Shares 25-40
Australian Equities 65%-100%
Asian Equities 0-15%
Cash 0-20%
Investment Time Horizon 3 to 5 years
Active Share 60-90%
Expected Tracking Error 5-10%
Minimum Application $20,000
Redemptions Payable Within 7 days
Distributions Semi-Annually
Entry Fee Nil
Exit Fee Nil
Distribution Reinvestment Plan Available
Derivatives Used for Risk Management Purposes