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Chester High Conviction Fund


Key Features

  • Fundamental strategy focused on companies likely to achieve superior returns over a 5 year period with added exposure to Asian domestic consumption thematic
  • The Portfolio Managers have visited China over 40 times in the last 13 years, giving them a unique insight into the major driver of the Australian equity and property markets
  • Access to a highly experienced team with a proven track record
  • Focused combination of company visitations, stock library maintenance, ongoing screening and industry participant discussions to deliver excess risk adjusted investment returns
  • Flexible cash weighting up to 20% which is a residual of the implementation of bottom up stock analysis
  • Strong alignment of interests with clients. The Portfolio Managers are owners of the business and investors in the funds providing strong performance incentive
  • A cap on size of funds under management to avoid compromising investment performance by lack of transactional flexibility

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Rob Tucker’s previous track record as Portfolio Manager of SGH Australia Plus and HSBC are available via the links below

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Label Description
Fund Description The Chester High Conviction Fund Invests in a concentrated portfolio of companies offering outstanding long-term potential with a valuation margin of safety. The fund predominantly invests in ASX listed or soon to be listed companies with a focus on the largest 300 by market capitalisation plus select Asian listed companies with an Asian domestic consumption focus. A company’s weighting is mainly determined by the likelihood of a company achieving superior returns over 5 years. The fund has a predominant bottom up stock picking style overlayed with portfolio diversification and risk controls
Objective Outperform the S&P/ASX300 Accumulation Index by 5% over rolling three year periods
Stock Range 25-40 stocks
Australian Equities 65%-100%
Asian Equities 0-15%
Cash Limit 0-20%
Management Fee 0.95% (including GST net of RITC)
Performance fee 15% (including GST net of RITC) of the amount the fund outperforms its benchmark provided specific conditions are met
Performance Hurdle S&P/ ASX 300 Accumulation Index
High-water mark Yes
Buy/sell spread 0.30%
Minimum Application $20,000
Redemptions Payable Usually within 7 days
Distributions Semi-Annually
Entry Fee Nil
Exit Fee Nil
Distribution Reinvestment Plan Available
Derivatives Used for Risk Management Purposes