• Investment team have a successful track record managing a similar style investment fund with a previous fund manager
  • Three-person investment team is 100% dedicated to managing the High Conviction Fund
  • Team has expertise in both Australian and Asian-based stock research

Formed in 2017, Chester Asset Management is a dedicated high conviction equity fund manager led by Portfolio Manager Rob Tucker.

Rob is supported by two experienced investors, and all three members worked together at a previous fund manager where a similar-styled investment fund was offered. Chester is 100% owned by its staff, who also invest in the fund alongside Chester clients.

Copia Investment Partners

We are a proud investment manager partner of Copia Investment Partners, an independent multi-boutique investment management group.

Copia provides the resources and infrastructure our team needs to prosper, including distribution, marketing, operations and compliance services, enabling us to focus solely on delivering our investors superior long-term investment outcomes.