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Investment process

A disciplined framework translated into profitable portfolio positions.

Chester's investment approach combines fundamental stock selection with macroeconomic insights. The investment research process contains elements of quality and growth, resulting in a generally style neutral portfolio.
The three key steps in the investment process are shown below.

Idea Generation

Our investment team continually look for new investment ideas.  The team takes a top-down approach, investigating thematic trends and sectors, then cross-referencing them against bottom-up intelligence gained from company and industry meetings.

Research Chester.PNG


Chester’s research program includes over 500 company meetings each year. To ensure economic diversification of the portfolio, stocks are categorized as either Predicable, Cyclical or Defensive.

Portfolio Construction

Based on this research, our investment team hand picks a watch list of 80 stocks chosen from a universe of 300 Australian stocks. The portfolio typically holds between 25 and 40 stocks. The team builds the portfolio, based on the interaction between company lifecycle weightings, sector allocations and underlying stock selection.

Portfolio Construction.PNG

For more information, or to discuss our portfolio in detail, speak to a member of the Copia team. 

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