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Australian equities: What’s ahead in 2024

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About Rob Tucker

  • Rob has over 21 years investment management experience, founding Chester Asset Management in 2017.

  • Chester Asset Management has returned 13.5%p.a. since inception to investors of the fund. 

  • Chester has been awarded multiple awards for the success of the fund including: 

FMOTY Winner Australian Equities Large R
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We're invested with you

Chester Asset Management is 100% owned by its staff, who invest in the Fund alongside clients.


With skin in the game they are driven to perform and aligned with investors’ interests. 

  • What does the Fund invest in?
    The Chester High Conviction Fund invests in ASX-listed companies across a range of industry sectors. The Fund is quite concentrated and will typically invest in approximately 35 stocks, although portfolio holdings can typically range between 20 and 45 stocks. The Fund may have up to 20% invested in cash.
  • How do I invest?
    You can invest directly into the Fund by reading the Product Disclosure Statement and completing the accompanying application form. If you are investing via a platform, please follow their instructions.
  • Who manages the Fund's investments?
    The Chester High Conviction Fund is professionally managed by Chester Asset Management, a boutique Australian equity fund manager that has managed the Fund’s strategy since 2013. Chester was launched in 2017 and prior to that, the investment team was employed at another Australian fund manager. The Responsible Entity (RE) for the Fund is Copia Investment Partners. As well as being RE, Copia also provides other support functions including client services, distribution, marketing and compliance. Read more: About Chester Asset Management About Copia Investment Partners
  • What are the fees?
    The management fee for investing in the Fund is 0.95% p.a. ​ A Performance fee may also be applicable each year. This is only paid if the Fund outperforms its benchmark by over 15% net, as at June 30 each year. The Fund’s investment objective by comparison, is 5% pa above the benchmark. ​
  • How does the investment team choose stocks in the Fund?
    The investment team undertake sophisticated research on any stock before it enters the portfolio. Part of this process includes defining each candidate company as either: Predictables Companies with relatively predictable free cash flows Cyclicals Companies with less predictable cyclical free cash flow Defensives Companies and holdings that are not correlated with the sharemarket
  • What’s the difference between the Fund and an ETF?
    The Chester High Conviction Fund is an unlisted unit trust. The Fund is generally available through completing the Product Disclosure Statement or via a platform. The Fund is not available as a listed investment company on the ASX or an exchange traded fund.
  • What are the potential benefits of the Fund compared to an ETF?
    While an ETF may offer investors a low cost way to gain exposure to Australian shares, there are three main benefits the Fund may offer as part of your equity allocation. The Fund has a high performance target and this may complement an investment strategy that already has a passive or index-based style. This way, the Fund can act as a satellite to help increase the performance potential of your portfolio. The Fund is actively managed and the fund manager will seek to focus the exposure of the Fund towards stocks that have high performance potential. On the flipside, the Fund seeks to avoid laggards that may drag down overall portfolio performance. An index approach does not filter out poor performers, as that strategy seeks to replicate the index. These benefits are intended to be general in nature. For specific personal recommendations, please contact a qualified financial adviser. Read more about the benefits of managed funds
  • What is the minimum investment amount?
    The minimum initial investment is $20,000. The minimum additional investment is $5,000. An investment via a platform may have a different investments amounts. If you wish to invest less than the minimum amount, please contact us.
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