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7 Key Takes out from the presentation: 'The Art and Science of Company Valuations'

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

  1. Valuation is an input into investment decision-making, and helps generate returns, if done right, consistently

  2. Valuation employs both art and science to form an accurate measure of how much an asset is worth

  3. Valuations can be absolute or relative, with each having different applications

  4. Qualitative assessment is an important ingredient for the Art of valuations

  5. Assessing how projections or valuations differ to market can provide insight and assist in determining why you believe shares are mispriced

  6. Annual reports provide information and clues to how a company may perform in the future

  7. Valuations form an important part of the investment process employed by Chester in the management of the Chester High Conviction Fund


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